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Yawn To See If You Are Dating a Psychopath

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Photo by Kampus Product on Pexels

Photo by Kampus Product on Pexels

Did you know studies have shown that narcissists and psychopaths won’t yawn when another person yawns? I heard that a while back but never took it seriously, and I believe I actually laughed when I heard it. However, recently I thought about it and realized it could be a way to gauge folks. 

I learned so much about these relationship streets and maneuvering around these dating apps in the past year. Whenever I go into any situation, I like to stack the chips in my favor to be mentally ahead of the game. It’s a little tougher to do that with dating. However, as a part of my goal to be laser-focused on red flags in every stage of the dating & relationships game, I needed to go into it very strategically moving forward. 

My goal in life is never to encounter another narcissist in my lifetime. I especially don’t want to run across a psychopath. Lack of empathy is a trait of narcissists. Yawning is something that can happen in a chain reaction sort of way. I remember one day, everyone in my house got into a fit of yawning that wouldn’t stop all because one person started it. We went on for what seemed like 5 minutes, and it was the funniest thing. 

I’ve discussed my escape from a narcissist a few times. I thought about them while writing this and realized I NEVER saw them yawn, no matter how much I yawned. That was one of many red flags that I missed. 

So when you are in the video dating part of your dating journey, crank up a fake yawn. If your prospect doesn’t yawn, just go ahead and hit that red phone icon, disconnect that call and move around. 

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