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YOUR Healing Process Is About YOU, Not Others

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Photo by Khir Ruzaiman on Reshot

Photo by Khir Ruzaiman on Reshot

Healing is very complex, and it is probably the most personal thing you will ever do for yourself. The process that you decide to embark on if you are interested in healing past traumas, and difficulties, is exclusively yours. YOU have to handle it in the way that you see fit. You shouldn’t hurt people in your process, of course. HOWEVER, your journey shouldn’t be determined based on the feelings of others. Additionally, how others view your process is their problem, not yours.

While taking your journey to heal, the THING, PERSON, or ENTITY that harmed you and their input shouldn’t be a factor. That’s because YOU are the person healing, not them. So, the journey is 100% about how you feel and gaining some clarity around your processes.

In the earlier stages, when I started my healing journey, I had conversations with friends about how I would go about my process. They asked if I would be having conversations with those I felt harmed me. My answer was a resounding NO. That’s because my healing is NOT about how those people feel or what they’ve done. MY healing process is about how what they did made me FEEL. It is also about me resolving my feelings around what was done. So it’s not really up to another person to validate my feelings or permit me to heal. It’s 100% about me and giving myself permission and license to resolve these issues in a way that works for ME.

I was also asked if I “felt some kind of way” about sharing my healing journey by way of this online platform. My answer again was a resounding NO. Sharing my journey is a way for me to process MY feelings. Additionally, I feel as if sharing MY journey could be helpful to others who may be thinking about or maybe on a similar journey.

So, ultimately your journey is your own, and it’s about YOU utilizing healthy methods of moving forward in YOUR healing process. Ultimately the healing journey is very personal, 100% about the person that is healing and no one else.

I would love to know your thoughts on healing and your healing journey. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter. Until then, Happy Healing.

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